We believe that there is a strong demand for a solid, comprehensive test covering all aspects of the FDCPA for credit and collection professionals. Of course it is important that businesses involved in the extension of credit and collection of debt demonstrate compliance on paper, and our test goes some way towards helping you achieve that. But if your ultimate goal is to avoid lawsuits and fines, it is important that an FDCPA test genuinely assess the skills of your employees and identify issues in your business practices. We believe that the FDCPA tests currently available are a combination of too short, too easy, and too narrow, and while you may be able to check a box saying that your employees passed "a" test, it is questionable how much practical benefit those tests provide.

That's why CCEF has launched a new, comprehensive FDCPA test, written by Jay Winston, co-author of The Complete Guide to Credit and Collection Law and a recognized authority in the credit and collection field. Jay has developed the test over weekends and evenings while running a busy Manhattan firm and has devoted numerous hours to refining the test. The master test is 200 questions randomly drawn from a larger, monthly-updated question bank, covering all aspects of the FDCPA from demand letters and collection calls to overshadowing and litigation issues. While we believe the strongest demand is for a substantial test encompassing all areas of the FDCPA, we are also offering shorter sub-tests geared towards specific job functions. The tests are delivered online and graded instantly.

In just the first six months we've sold over 500 administrations of the exam. For pricing and further information, please see the FDCPA Test Infosheet.